Baby's Blessing

This past Sunday we blessed(christened) Flower Pink at Mr. Man's parents house.  My parents attended via Skype otherwise it was just Mr. Man's family there for her.  A sister of Mr. Man also had her baby blessed that day, her sweet baby is a month younger than FP.  It was a nice weekend and FP was rather cooperative overall.
 Her blessing gown is a vintage piece I picked up on ebay, my mother made her booties, and I made her bonnet and a blanket that looks like it took more work than it did because of the fancy remnant fabric piece I picked up that has lace and pintucks on it.


Jamie Hatch said…
abby, great pictures! I'm getting pretty good at face swapping if you want to send me two copies of the same pose I might be able to merge maddies face and get a pictures of the whole family looking, if you are interested. I know those family group pictures are hard to come by. I love the one of Jaclyn pouting in the window.
Laurel said…
Pictures are very pretty!

What made you decide to do it at his parents' house?

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