Struggling lately with my depression. Getting all the snuggles and smiles from this kiddo that I can though. I'm swinging from grumpy/angry and irritable to on the verge of tears to nobody likes me everybody hates me guess I'll go eat worms to I'm useless and back around again through the course of the day.   Caffeine has stopped helping as well. 

Friends from high school have a baby in the hospital. She is a month older than Flower Pink. She was born with only half her heart working has had 2 heart surgeries. This 2nd one she has been having trouble being weaned off the meds. Major withdrawals. Then just as they were getting through that she had another set back. Then she now had a stroke and a seizure and my heart is breaking for their family as they have now simply asked that prayers be said for whatever will cause her to suffer the least to be. Doctors are putting her on blood thinners to help prevent another stroke, but that will likely cause bleeding in her intestines and swollen brain. 

Not a trial I'd go through as gracefully as they are. Certainly hugging my own little one more. 


Laurel said…
Cute baby!

I didn't know all of that about the high school friends, I never hear anything about them except from you. We will pray for them.

I will pray for you too.

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