Usually I return home from my in laws house feeling rejuvenated and ready to try getting life more organized. 

Not this time. Though I think it's more that we need to change my medication or something. 

I just want to cry a lot and never get out of bed. Though I resist both things. Thankfully I at least know when my head and body aren't being realistic.  So instead I'm humming Count Your Blessings, because it seems so fitting. 

Have a husband who lets me stay at home with the kids and puts up with my poor housekeeping. 
4 beautiful little girls 
Unexpected refund from the hospital which made this week not so tight financially and kept our account from going negative when the gas bill went through.  
Cupboards of food. 
Ava and Jordan avoiding Illnesses the rest of us have had. 
Our washer and dryer 
Cloth diapers so I don't have to worry about running out of diapers and not being able to afford more
A working vacuum 
Hubby's work schedule making it possible for me to take a nap 


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