So it starts

The public school year ended and immediately the girls began asking when our homeschool would start. I got books ordered finally, set up our schedule and today we started. 
Overwhelming? Yes. 
Patience requiring? Oh yes. 
Exciting, delightful, and hopeful? Most certainly. 

We started with a song (I lived in Heaven) and prayer and the start of it all. 

Writing, chores, just dance, snacks, art, after lunch will be history, math, science and service. 

I think I have decided the song Glorious is going to be part of our theme for the year. 

Mass and matter


Laurel said…
That looks really fun!

On our last day of school the kids were really sad. I told them that we could still do school in the summer sometimes if they wanted and they cheered and said, "Yeah, because OUR school is fun!" I thought that was funny. :)

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