Some days are just peculiar. Today keeps waffling between delightful and irritating. So we'll comment on the delightful and then post some pictures from my phone. 

1. I successfully was up in time to help set up the community free sale. Aka 6:30 in the morning. 
2. I took far more stuff to the free sale than I brought back. 
3. The girls spent 2 hours at the neighbor grandma's house. 
4. Mischief ate a whole hot dog today. That's probably the most protein she's had all week. 
5. Flower Pink has discovered how to make girlish squeals. 
6. I'm still working on my coloring page. 
7. The TV room is still clean from yesterday. 
8. Most of the day has been overcast. Love that. 
9. Sunshine is taking a nap. 
10. I started watching Supernatural again. Forgot how much I enjoy it. 
11. All the stuff I took to the free sale had been piled in the sewing room. I'm excited to work on getting the sewing room put together tonight. 


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