Saturday, July 25, 2015

Creative DQ

For their birthdays we've taken the girls to the Red Balloon toy store to pick their gift. We finally took Sunshine today and DQ brought her wallet and purchased some good luck minis. She then made an aquarium for them when we got home. 

Rialto Beach

We spent a lot of time on the road.  Several hours down to the one place in Washington I've always wanted to see in person.  First we got to take a Ferry across the Puget Sound. It was pretty neat! And gave the girls a much needed bathroom break while still keeping us moving!

Flower Pink LOVED the wind in her face.

  Olympic National Park.  
Oh my word.  It is every bit and more magical as you see in pictures.  We were caught in a fog bank rolling up just as we arrived at Rialto Beach, so we didn't spend nearly enough time there as it was shivery cold and soak you to the bone wet, and didn't do any actual walking or hiking through the forest, so it is on my list of places to return to.  And it totally made up for the crazy spiders Washington has, I've been showing houses in the area to Mr. Man.  He's not opposed to it either!
I don't think I explain just how breathtaking and amazing this place is.  

 The entire beach is rocks.  Rocks galore.  We filled our pockets. The heavy mist from the fog bank helped show off the rocks.  The closer you get to the water the more sand-like it becomes.  Black sand.


These ain't no little pieces of drift wood.  They are entire trees.

The contrast of the lush green forest right against the barren rocky tree carcass covered shore was amazing.


Seattle has never been on my list of places I wanted to go.  I'm not a city person.  I don't love the movie Sleepless in Seattle.  Seen it once and that was enough. The Space Needle is neat looking, but, eh.  Still, when you're in Washington there are things you should do, especially so you can tell your kids they have been there.  Ha.  The one place I really wanted to go in Seattle was Pike's Market, but I was warned that it is insanely busy and thus scary to take children.  So first we went to Kerry park so we could have an "I've been to Seattle" picture.

There is also a playground down the hill from the look out that is AMAZING.  Coolest playground even with the wooden playgrounds to compare to.  I really wish we could have spent more time there.

Mr. Man thought that I'd be flung off this.  I'm grateful he did not take a picture of me on it, even if I did prove him wrong.  It spins....

  Next we headed to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, otherwise known as the Ballard Boat Locks.  This was when I realized this vacation was more for me than the kids! They were not so impressed as I as these things.  And they did not appreciate having fish & chips on the coast! There is also a botanical garden along side the boat locks and we saw some pretty flowers, and ran into cousins who'd come to Seattle for the day as well!


Then onward we went to the place in Washington I have wanted to go.