Closner Family Reunion

We had the pleasure this past weekend of meeting most of my mother-in-law's family for the first time!  It was our first family road trip as well. My girls did remarkably well, even when Mr. Man and I were so done with being in the car.  Flower Pink was the least impressed by it all, understandably.  She had one friendly day while we were there, so that was good at least.  We stayed at a cousin's place along the Columbia River.  It was great to meet in person these people that I'm so fond of online and find out that I need to do a better job keeping up this blog! We spent our days enteracting with cousins, enjoying the water, playing games, doing crafts, and eating.  My pictures aren't all in order of the 3 days we were there, but that's okay!

 Drama Queen LOVED going swimming everyday.

 Sunshine loved having so many little girls to play with.

 We had fun camping out!
 Canoes, kayaks, paddle boat, paddle boards, rafts, motor boat, water skis.  So many fun things to do on the water (I did none, ha.)


 Mischief loved swimming and swinging and looking for bugs.

 Flower Pink loved being held almost 24/7.

spider built a web between the door gusset and door frame during the night, so when I opened the car door in the morning this dropped and greeted me.  SO many spiders in Washington!

 Getting ready for water games

 She loved the little pools!

 Cooling down in the house.


Laurel said…
What a cool house! I am very impressed by the bunk bed situation!

It looks like such a fun reunion!
Jamie Hatch said…
so glad you got a picture of Jordan being impressive on the paddle boards, but why o why didn't you play on the toys, so much fun!

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