First day of first grade

Mischief was still #48 on the academy wait list, so she's going to the local elementary school again. 
I'm reminded of how the Lord knows out thoughts and worries and I know he cares about Mischief to the point that oh it just so happens that her teacher who is new to the school this year is also gluten-free. And she's at least in her 40s and her classroom is the sort you see in vintage stories. She even made the wall around the door look like a red school house. 
So that makes it even sadder that I didn't get any dresses made for Mischief or have the opportunity to hunt up some classics. Instead she wore her new favorite shirt. See I realized recently that while she's my morbid dinosaur ninja lover, She's still a girly girl. So I took her to the mall and we hit up a good sale where she got to pick a weeks worth of shirts, a skirt and leggings and shoes. She likes pink and sparkly just as much as the others and LOVES butterflies. 

Anyway. I still need to figure out what the girls are taking for lunch tomorrow. Here is M on her first day this morning. 


Laurel said…
Summer went by too quickly for me!
Juli G said…
Love that you got a teacher that's familiar. It's so nice when that happens. :)

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