We went up to Logan this weekend. 
Many of Mr. Man's siblings came up too. The reason we all did was because his 2nd oldest sister 's first born was in the Martin Harris Pageant. 
Flower Pink looked ittybitty next to her younger cousin. 

We got pretty good seats for the pageant. 
Cool set. 

Note the storm clouds all around. My Aunt and Uncle were there the same night as well. Drama Queen adores this Uncle now that she realized she can be crazy silly with him. 
I loved all the costumes. And that's as much of the pageant as we enjoyed because it started pouring rain and we ran for the car. The rain got heavier so we went back to Mr. Man's parents house. 
Flower Pink enjoying some applesauce. 
Mischief enjoying some toys alone. 

This kid likes pretending she isn't tired then passing out on the floor. 
She and I had a rough Saturday after sleeping very poorly Friday night. 

The end. 


Laurel said…
Fun! Too bad about the rain. But, still fun to play with cousins.

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