Everyone is growing. DQ had all As on her report card. Mischief is finally starting to "get" reading. Sunshine is ready for fall break to be over so she doesn't have those two to contend with over the tv and toys. Flower Pink is a quick and precocious little thing. She eats anything and everything still. Had a wad of cupcake wrapper in her diaper last week and her poor little bum was so red from passing it. I'm just glad it came through, as it had her blocked up for a day. I don't know where she finds things sometimes. She's getting better about eating papers though. Granted I am also feeding her table food more, so that could be it. 

The dishwasher is down again. I am slowly getting caught up on dishes. Once I've got them all washed up and out of the way, Mr. Man can take a look to see if he can solve the problem. 

We are very blessed. I'm grateful for:
My bed - mattress, box spring, bed frame, mattress pad, sheets, pillows, blankets. I remember a friend growing up who's bed was a mattress on the floor that she shared with her sister. 

Clothes washer and dryer - I'm grateful I do not have to wash our linens and clothing by hand. Nor do I have to drag everything to a different location to clean and dry them. Mucho blessed. Though we are also blessed to have family close so that when we did not have them, we could go there to do laundry. 

And one more for tonight - window screens. I'm grateful for screens on our windows to reduce the entrance of bugs and other things into our home. 


Laurel said…
Cute girlies! Happy family!

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