Welcome Fall

We spent Halloween weekend with Mr. Man's family.  I didn't take many pictures of Halloween stuff, but hopefully will get copies of the group pictures we took. On Sunday we went to church with his brother who blessed his new baby.  It was our first time to his brother's house and it quite delighted me.  They have a great location, though I bet it's noisy during recess at the elementary school directly behind them.  They're across the street from the church and basically around the corner from the junior high and city rec center and a great park. Excellent location, cute house.  We took family pictures in their backyard and hopefully I'll get a copy of those as well.  Here are the few pictures I took.

Untying daddy's shoe laces.

Sweet baby before her blessing.  Just chilling getting a foot rub from Granddad.

Baby blue eyes.

Flower Pink LOVES checking out the other babies!

Flower Pink and her namesake.

"walking" to daddy.

Not my kids.  Cousins of my kids cousins, but how darling are they?!

Mischief LOVED the leaves.  We'll have to go find some for her to play in this week.


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