Today was a weird day. Ordinary and yet not. Other than taking the girls to school it just wasn't our regular schedule. After dropping Mischief at school, Sunshine and I got groceries. I felt on top of it all because I had a menu all ready in my head so I knew what we would be buying. 
Ate an early lunch, then flower pink took a long nap in the crib and I got to have my first shower in a week. Then Mr. Man got home from school and was hungry so we picked up some lunch for him then  went to Walmart and got a few items that Winco didn't have. And some fabric remaments, cause I'm me. 
Went home. 
Me. Man laid down and I got Sunshine started on her school before it was time to get Mischief. Flower Pink hadn't been happy about getting strapped into the car for our earlier outings so I put her in her crib to play while I picked up Mischief. 
Mischief and I swung by the picture place and picked up my photo order. Got home and discovered Sunshine hadn't eaten her lunch but rather had hidden it under the ottoman and while I was gone took apart a feather piece I had ordered. The girls all started squabbling and so I gave them chores to do and put on Christmas music while folding laundry myself.  Then DQ and Mischief went to play outside and Sunshine fell asleep on the 4:30...
Started dinner cooking and Mr. Man woke up! Too early. I'm all thrown off from that I think.  We had dinner and then Mischief and I got the dough made for her to have a gingerbread man to take to school tomorrow. Put it in the refrigerator to chill. Sent Mischief to bed. Sunshine was STILL asleep. Put on the abc channel Christmas shows. DQ, Mr. Man and I watched. I put Flower Pink to bed, which meant I can't wrap presents tonight. Everything is in my room. Then DQ went to bed. Mr. Man was tired again but didn't want to move Sunshine off the couch where he sleeps on his nights off. He went to bed. I put a gingerbread man in the oven to cook, needs more flower. Looks more like a blob monster. I hate gluten free baking. Sunshine finally woke, I had her go potty and then got her in bed. 
Now I'm trying to settle down, but it is hard because everything feels off. I feel like I didn't get anything done today and like the world is going to come to an end. 
Ridiculous I know, but my anxiety is high from today just not being routine. 

I'd sew but I'm afraid I'd mess up and my sewing room is freezing cold. No desire to fiddle on the computer, I'd just want to spend money we don't have. I'm going to lay in bed and play Paradise Bay and try to settle down, though there is a man in my bed....hahaha. 

Flower Pink in her new headband. For when she is 2. 


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