Flower Pink turns one

Oh how I've wanted this day to take longer to arrive.  My baby is turning into a toddler and I'm not ready for that.

We made a carrot cake.  Which she loved.

This sweet and spunky little girl brings so much joy to us all. In a week she has gone from occasionally taking 3 or 4 steps to walking more than crawling.  She is definitely a mama's girl and she loves playing just like her big sisters.  Flower Pink is a music lover and will start dancing when she hears any bit of music she likes.
She cooperated beautifully with a birthday photo shoot.

Flower Pink at one week and at one year.

So grateful to have her in our family!


Laurel said…
Cute baby! Cute pictures! In a couple of those she looks particularly Wanlass-y. Love the one of her eating her toes, Lucy still does that. He dress is very pretty too! Happy Birthday Baby!
Beth said…
The pictures are beautiful! She looks so sweet. Happy Birthday

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