Monday, February 29, 2016

Afternoon at the park

Mischief has been asking to go to the wood park for weeks and weeks. The answer was no and no and no while the weather was 19 degrees and the inversion was horrid. But it's now warmed up and so after school today I said YES!

Living Planet Aquarium part 1

Pictures from the first half of our trip to the Aquarium.  Regional animals and then the South American section, which was warm and so humid I could breathe freely after we were done, I'd been congested when we went in! Also part of the Arctic.

 Otters.  Other than when the ran to all snuggle together in the sun, we only saw them sleeping in one location or another.

 Jelly fish!

 Spider crabs.  They're creepy.

 Penguins.  They were great showmen. 

 Tropical frogs

 Mischief has a fear of heights, so she hung out on the blue frog while Sunshine and Drama Queen did the rope bridge.