Our neighbor we didn't really know died. I've talked to his dad and his mom's caretaker before when they were trying to check on him over the years, but never him. He was pretty reclusive.  
Apparently he was in a pretty bad state of decomp. Cops put on booties and face masks. Had two photographers. 
The truck is the coroners. The white is a cop car. There were two other nondescript cop cars on the street, plus a regular cruiser and a K9 truck. 
Also yesterday, the power was out over a sizable portion of the city. 
We played outside while watching what was going on across the street. 
We tried out my snowboard on our hill in the back. It worked perfect for a beginner hill. DQ is enjoying it now. 
Mischief has parent teacher conference tomorrow. She thought it was today so we went to the school to ask, and then we played on the playground for a little bit. 
Gorgeous blue skies today. 
Mischief has been making good use of our little trampoline as well. 


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