Meet our Family

Mr. Man
My husband of 8 years and father of our three girls.  He is a former member of the U.S. Air Force where he was the crew chief of an F-16.  He is going to school now at a local university while working as a Team Lead at our local Target.  He loves Legos and Magic the Gathering.  His hobbies include exercising, making chain mail, and painting miniatures.

Me - the author of this blog 
I grew up in Southern California, and that's where I met Mr. Man when his family briefly moved there.  I enjoy reading, gardening and sewing.  I am striving to enjoy life rather than just endure it.  Hoarding is a curse I have, but I'm fighting it as best I can.  

Drama Queen
Our oldest daughter turned 9 this year.  She loves drawing and folding origami.    Since she was about 2 she's loved making up songs and she loves dancing to music.  Her favorite colors are "pink, purple and red".  She loves pizza and macaroni and cheese.  She loves learning and making friends.  She is a great helper and sometimes asks for chores to do.  

Our 6 year old is very shy at first in new situations and around new people but will warm up after a while of observing.  She loves to build with legos, dragons, and play video games.  She loves Pokemon, Digimon, and How to Train Your Dragon.  

While she is indeed a bit of sunshine most of the time, sometimes I think this little one should be called Drama Queen!  Referred to frequently as "Diva", this darling has quite the strong personality and confidence.  If it sparkles, has ruffles, or twirls, she loves it.  At 4 years old she has a long attention span and is great at entertaining herself no matter where she is, her hands turn into people to play with.  She loves being the boss and is quite opinionated.  She loves to be snuggled and have mommy or daddy near.   

Flower Pink
The newest member of our family is dearly loved by all.  Her sisters love holding her, toting her around, and declare how cute she is many times each day.  At nearly 11 months old she is almost walking, loves climbing on everything she can, and will steal food out of your hand if she gets the chance.  She has several words in her vocabulary, though the main two you hear are, "Hi Dad."

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